The story to date...

Whilst breakfasting in a local eatery circa 2012, Jones spotted the table next to him eating crumpets with Blueberry Butter. An interesting topping. In an instance, ideas filled his mind in abundance with new and interesting ways to top a crumpet.

In the very early days, there appeared to be inadequacies in the crumpet market. Good quality crumpets in the wider world were sparse or inexistent.

Jones felt crumpets everywhere could be better, so before innovating how one eats a crumpet, Jones first decided to craft the perfect crumpet itself. After much experimentation with different recipes, methods and ingredients, Jones finally happened upon what he felt was the best crumpet he'd ever eaten, deciding that now is the time to release his crumpets upon an unsuspecting public.

The rest is not yet history.

These are crumpets as you have never experienced before.